Past Shows

The Phantom Cat: When a cat gets a pie in the face during auditions for a vaudeville show she decides to become the Phantom Cat and sausage I mean sabotage the show. 

The Magical Toy Box Mystery: A collection of unwanted toys left in a toy box are bullied by a selfish and spoiled fairy. But help comes in the form of a strange and wonderful creature known as a Grummel Guffin.  There is also a resourceful mouse and talking Dust Bunnies!

The Monster Pumpkinhead: It’s Halloween night and all the neighbourhood cats have gone missing! A small band of children give up the chance to trick or treat for candy so they can save their feline friends from the magic of the Monster Pumpkinhead.

The Dragon’s Treasure: A couple of fairies have taken an object from the Dragon’s cave. The Dragon goes on the rampage and won’t allow the Fairies to dance on the Fairy Green until his precious treasure is returned. But what object is his favourite treasure? Is it the silver Jug or the tattered old teddy bear?

Puss n Boots Part Two “Revenge of the Ogre!”: Puss is suffering from a nasty stomach ache after having swallowed the Ogre who had transformed into a mouse. After emergency surgery the Ogre is set free and up to no good. It’s up to Puss to get rid of the Ogre once and for all with the aid of her animal friends and a duplicating machine.

The Fairy Well: A strange creature living in a magical well helps an enchanted world from the dreaded Scottish water horse known as a Kelpie.

The Lighthouse: The adventures of a lighthouse keeper and his two beachcombing cats who encounter mermaids, a sea monster, and other interesting creatures from the sea. 

There Be Fairies: A young boy learns his lesson when he tries to take treasure from the fairies without giving them something in return.

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