Kitten Mitten Theatre

Theatre for kids by kids! Facilitated by Glenn Perlstrom, Kitten Mitten provides an opportunity for children to participate in a real theatre experience, and a space where their opinions are valued and their creativity can flourish.

We meet on Saturday afternoons at Rogers Society
765 Rogers Avenue, Victoria, B.C

Contact Kitten Mitten Theatre at 
glenn@rogerssociety.org or phone  778-977-0073

our story

Welcome to Kitten Mitten Theatre Co.

Kitten Mitten Theatre Company provides an opportunity for children to participate in a real theatre experience! Our mandate is to put on performances for the general public. We have already performed several very successful shows. Children have input in all phases of the shows we stage. Parent support is strongly encouraged and open communication between us all is important.

The objective of Kitten Mitten Theatre is to promote strong self esteem among the children while at the same time provide something positive for the community.
I believe the children in our company should have their opinions valued and their creativity should be allowed to flourish in a safe and fun environment.

Kitten Mitten Theatre is not a money making venture. All money raised by the company will go into our production costs and rental space.
I have created this company out of my love of theatre and the joy that comes with the telling of a story.  New members are always welcome to join us. Who knows where the road may lead to? What I do know is we will have fun along the way and the children will have experiences they will value for a lifetime!